Thursday, 24 July 2008

Konsep Radikal Dari BMW

Ni dia kereta konsep GINA Light Visionary yang crack dari BMW. Kompeni otomotif Jerman ni tengah nak cuba-cuba menjelajah konsep baru dalam reka bentuk kereta, material dan fleksibility sebab tu ah derang buat kereta konsep ni. GINA ni dia tak guna besi/plastik sebagai 'skin' macam kereta lain tapi dia guna besi dan carbon fibre' sebagai struktur pastu dibalut dengan fabrik tekstil. Yang lost tu kereta ni boleh tukar bentuk bai! Macam mana ko tanya? Aku tak pasti sangat ah sebab BMW takde cerita detail pasal benda ni. Apa yang aku tau dia guna alat-alat elektro-hidraulik untuk kontrol bentuk struktur kereta. Papahal pun jangan excited lebih-lebih, kereta ni baru konsep.

Armaya Maaroff


jongang senget said...

bai, kereta ni pakai minyak tuti tak? baru arr layan baru asap kat kereta tu..

bagi aku dia guna carbon fibre tuk nak merendah kan cost bai, dan setahu aku carbon fibre ni dia punya kekuatan dia tak la kuat sangat, lain lah kalau tebal dia macam tebal boat boat carbon fibre, yang risau nye benda ni nanti sure kuat kemek punya kan bai..

Jack Lingam said...

bai cuba usha bawah ni

Are Japanese carmakers mulling carbon fiber cars?
Posted by: Ian Rowley on July 24
One of the benefits of soaring commodity prices is that alternative technologies, often superior but more costly, edge closer to becoming viable. But surely reports that coming out of Japan today that carbon fiber-based cars could be ready for the mass market in just a few year are a little far fetched?

According to the reports, Honda, Nissan and Toray Industries, a leading maker of carbon fiber, are poised to join forces and aim to find ways of mass producing carbon fiber which could replace "most of the steel used in cars" by the mid-2010s. To speed things along, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will provide $18.5 million of funding over five years and a host of over companies and researchers will join the efforts.

It's easy to see the attraction of the carbon fiber. It's stronger than iron and only a quarter of the weight. What's more, by using carbon fiber instead of steel, cars could be 40% lighter and improve fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30%, reports Japan's Nihon Keizai paper. (Showing off its green credentials, Toyota showed off a partially finished carbon fiber body at last year's Tokyo Motor Show called the 1/X.)

Yet great as all that sounds, quite how any group will bring down costs of producing carbon fiber for mass production isn't at all clear. Sure, carbon fiber is a fine material for Formula One cars and high-end bicycles, but even with commodity prices soaring, steel is is still several tens of times cheaper than carbon fiber to produce.

That could be why Nissan and Honda are both shying away from today's Nihon Keizai article. Nissan says it is incorrect and Honda says the information isn't from them.

Armaya Maaroff said...

carbon fibre is no doubt one of the best material to be used in cars due to its stiffness and lightweight properties. However manufacturing it requires energy intensive processes and this soars up the price. With prices of energy today being high, this doesn't help. Interestingly, Lotus recently has developed a new concept car that promotes energy sustainability in the manufacturing processes that might bring down the manufacturing and running costs. The Lotus Eco-Elise uses locally grown hemp as their body panels which is similar to carbon fibre. I think this is more than a car concept, this is a sustainable process that shows there is more to sustainability in the automotive industry than just fuel efficiency.

just my 2 cents.

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