Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oh la la, Je vais danser avec toi cet soir

coming from a world best business school/ capitalist school of thought in the world, my lecturers always told me to not to follow what economics theorist such as this mr Karl iskandar Marx, adam smith, fitzgerald, daim, mahathir, david Ricardo, keynesian, thatcher economics and many other theorethical award winning or from such noble man. We do not even have a specific textbook during my time at that school. Everything was a case study base education which is more fun than reading a text book.. Anyways

economics, finance nor accounting is not a technical subject whereby there is a specific way or remedy to fix a crisis of which we are having now.

 What I speculated is that maybe your lecturer was talking the bad of capitalism. And what created the economic situation now and all the negativity about capitalism. Likewise everybody would like to be a hero like Che’ who died in Bolivia as a legend or a revolutionary.  For sure that your lecturer spoke about other alternatives which the capitalist could do instead of doing such specific implementation. In other words, why must do using method A when you can try to use method B or C or D or E as proposed by Mr. Karl Marx in his guess/estimate/prediction/anticipation in the Das Kapital. Not only that, he uses past evidence to criticize capitalism. How concrete is that?

 Well brothers and sisters in arms (shall I call you comrades?) , finance, economics nor accounting is a very subjective subject. There are various drugs or remedy that can be use to cure or to treat a negative growth in any aspect. A mixture of good social science and low level of greed (zero greed only works on paper) shall ensure a very good economic growth/position in the future (Islamic finance). For sure. Social science = everyone win win. Low greed = less pressure for others to make money but they need to know that they need to make enough to payback what they get from others. This include the person who got the money from the lender, by not going to Naza for example to pay for  the down payment  of a brand new Reds or a beamer.  Pendek kata, a good individual financial management should make the world a better place (which is lacking among us today).

 The way and the only way is to learn how to do so. Which you cant learn on paper or books or from others. You need to sort it out by yourself.

 By the way, Karl Marx did not live long enough to see what we have seen today. Of course it was a down fall. The judgement  he made in 1867, was not a good one that is for sure. I believe that the capitalist would do what they got to do to bounce back.Well they may collaborate with the principal of  Islamic finance which im sure that they are doing this at the moment. There’s a lot of islamic financing instruments in the money markets these days.  But the profit sharing basis are killing the lendee.

 So yes Islamic finance, is the option. But with the level of greed that the arab or any other muslim have is the same of what the capitalist have today. In other words, position your self your mind as a conservative muslim. What would you do to the opposite religion. Same as what they would do or did to us. In short just look at our country? The concept of bumism it self is reflecting our greed as the sole breed of this country. So whats up?

 A lot of things need to be done to make a good sustainable growth in terms of economics, finance and others. The problem is not the theory nor the philosophy. Once the implementation is right everything should be OK. I guess that the capitalist did quite well to be in town for quite sometimes.

 even As a graduate from Cass, I did “khatam” the das kapital over a pint of beer at bricklane during weekends. If you want to read it go read it. You do not even have to get a real book to read it. These days we can always download an e-book from the internet. Thanks to CAPITALISM.

I am a venture capitalist (haha ilek pej, aku tau kau sure tgh cakap "hak elee",

Jack Lingam






mademoiselle Ghst said...

studying economics and accounting is harder than i thought.

Jack Lingam said...

haha.. mana ada susah.. cuma pening pening saja. nak buat rojak pon pening tapi tak susah, nak blajar light rokok pon pening tapi tak susah. nak balut rokok/atau yau pon tak susah tapi pening je. nak gunak scientific calculator pon pening tapi tak susah. nak buat karangan pun pening tapi tak susah, nak masuk syurga? lagi pening dan tak susah.

pendek kata buat apa apa pun mesti pening tapi tak susah..

mademoiselle Ghst said...

pening2. yeah ur right. lagi bertambah pening sebab sebelum ni saya x pernah ada basic belajar benda2 ni.


Jack Lingam said...

tetiba. basic menulis dan basic memikir sudah mencukupi untuk belajar apa saja, malah nak buat roket sampai ke planet planet pon boleh.


Anonymous said...

brick lane every weekend mmg ah best bai

Faisal Zakaria said...

woi bravado!!!!!

aku rasa apa yang lu point out tu adalah betul. it all boils down to greed. tapi marxist school of thought is arguing whether all these consortiums, corporations, banks, are allowed to operate according to their whims.

marx believes that public ownership/government ownership works best, and unions are to be playing a more significant role in determining the country's economy.

not that im all for it.

maybe public ownership works for critical industries, where welfare of citizens are considered as one of the priorities, instead of profit maximization.

from my views, my lecturer wants us to pick up one or two points from ze German's theory, and figure out which can be implemented now, to curb out those incessant banks.

blah la jack lu suruh gua baca paper lu kat uni, bawak datang ah! macam mana gua nak baca.

Jack Lingam said...

ek ele. serupa kau baca quran dulu sebelum baca das kapital ke atau bukubuku avant garde- kwangkwangkwang.

anyways.. public ownership? wel brotha - government link ah man. that is greeeeeeed straight line no no no

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